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Taken from the Icelandic Appeal website, circa 2000.
Wilson, Frank & Johanna

Charles served in World War I and was joined by his wife Mary and his first son, Charles when he was posted to England. After the war Charles became head of Dominion Fur Auction Sales in Winnipeg, but died in March 1934, at the age of 48 due to the effects of gas poisoning in the trenches of France.

They had five children: Charles, Frank, Robert, George, and a daughter, Mary, who died from Polio at the age of 5 years. Frank’s mother Mary, brought up the family in quiet grace and fortitude. She passed away in Winnipeg at the age of 89. When I married Frank, he had already begun his teaching career. In 1941, he joined the RCAF, serving first as a ground –training teacher and later receiving his commission under the Commonwealth Training Plan. After the war, Frank spent time at University on his Masters degree, and then returned to the military as an education officer over a period of 19 years. After his retirement from the military he taught at St.John’s High School.

Frank and I have three children: Joanne was born on May 11, 1940, Carolyn was born on Oct. 29, 1941, and Frank was born Feb. 8, 1946.

After the birth of Joanne and Carolyn, my mother encouraged me to complete my degree in Home Economics, which I did in 1945. I taught Home Economics at Balmoral Hall Girls School, Lord Selkirk, Sisler and Vincent Massey High Schools. I became involved in teaching evening adult sewing groups which I enjoyed and where I made life long friends of a number of my pupils.


For my Masters Thesis, I wrote the “History of Home Economics Education in Manitoba”, which was published as a Centennial project of the Manitoba Home Economics association. I am a founding member of a Teacher’s Honour Society, Delta Kappa Gamma, and a 50-year member of the University Women’s Club. I am an Honourary life member of the Manitoba Teachers Society, Manitoba Home Economics Association, and the Manitoba Home Economics Teachers Association. I hold a life membership in the Jon Sigurdsson Chapter IODE, have served two terms as Regent and have been a member for over 50 years.

I was Fjallkona at Íslendingadagurinn in 1991. I have served as secretary of the Betel Home Foundation, and was a founding member of Betelstadur, a co-operative senior’s apartment building in Winnipeg. Frank began teaching bridge at the University Women’s Club as a fundraiser a number of years ago, and after his retirement from teaching he continued with bridge sessions at the Club, which have provided a pleasurable pastime for many women.

Frank and I have had numerous trips to Iceland, England, and Hawaii. A trip of a lifetime was a six-month holiday by ship to Australia and New Zealand.