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J.B. Johnson & L. Stevens Partnership
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Taken from the Icelandic Appeal website, circa 2000.
Stevens, Lawrence

Jón Stefán Lawrence Stevens was the grandson of Jón Guðnason (Captain John Stevens) and Jóhanna Jóhannsdóttir from Breidafjörður, Iceland, and the son of Jón Hans Stevens and Ragnhildur Benonýsdóttir (from Húnavatnssýsla, Iceland). Lawrence was born on June 20, 1914 in the Minerva District north of Gimli. He was a fisherman on Lake Winnipeg all his life, beginning at age 14, when he began winter fishing with his Afi on Berens (Swampy) Island. From that time in 1928, Lawrence never missed a season of fishing on Lake Winnipeg until he retired in 1991.

J.B. Johnson & L. Stevens Partnership

In August 1938 he married Guðrún (Runa) Arnbjörg Johnson, daughter of J.B. Johnson, who became his partner in 1939 for seven seasons of summer fishing at Warrens Landing. They then went on to fish for another ten years as partners for fall fishing at Fox Island.

From 1960 to 1969, Lawrence continued the operation of Fox Island on his own. In 1969, the Province terminated the lease on the Fox Island operation when it was included in the Hecla Island Provincial Park Plan. He continued fishing out of Gimli for the winter and fall seasons until his retirement at the age of 76.

Lawrence was active in a number of Gimli organisations including membership in the Viking Masonic Lodge, honorary membership in the Icelandic National League, and was a former member of the Gimli Kinsmen Club.



Lawrence's wife, Runa, was also very active in community and Icelandic cultural affairs. She was named Fjallkona of the Icelandic Festival in 1963, a member of the Icelandic National League, Secretary of the Icelandic Festival, a member of the Order of the Eastern Star for over 50 years, and a member of the Lutheran Church Council for seven years. She also taught an Icelandic Choir which sang at the Icelandic Festival on two occasions.

Lawrence and Runa had three children:

Lawrence Jon, of Picture Butte, AB who is married to the former Shirley Ann Gibbons. Their children are: Lawrence Vincent John Maurice, Dennis Michael Bjorn

Dennis Bjorn (Barney), of Edmonton, AB who is married to the former Deb Rourke. Their children are: Hollie Denise Jason Bjorn, Patrick Stefan.

James Russell is Barney's son from his first marriage.

Linda Josephine, of Comox, B.C. who is married to Earl Sontag.

Lawrence Stevens passed away on February 1, 1996 at the age of 82, and Guðrún Arnbjörg Stevens on November 5, 2000 at age 86.