Sigurdson Family
of Hnausa & Riverton

Stefan & Valgerður’s home

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Taken from the Icelandic Appeal website, circa 2000.
Sigurdson Family of Hnausa & Riverton

Stefán and Jóhannes, sons of Sigurður Erlendsson and his 1st wife, Guðrun Eiriksdóttir, came to Hecla Island in 1876 as children. They soon started fishing on Lake Winnipeg. Stéfan married Valgerður Jónsson and Jóhannes married Thorbjorg Jónsson.

In 1887, they formed a partnership, “Sigurdson Brothers”, and set up business at Hnausa, as fish dealers and general merchants. They began lobbying for a dock at Hnausa and a railway to Riverton. In 1895, they got the dock. (The railway came in 1914)

“Lady of the Lake” Selkirk dock

In 1897, “Lady of the Lake”, their dream boat, was launched in Selkirk, ready to accomodate both freight and passengers.


“Sigurdson Brothers” was successful in business, community service and politics. Stefán and Valgerður had a beautiful home, and were known far and wide for generous and bountiful hospitality, even entertaining Premier Roblin.

In 1903, Jóhannes sold his share of the business. Stefán then reorganized with his 2 sons, Solli and Sigurður Victor (S.V.). Sadly, in 1917, Stéfan died at age 53 of a stroke. S.V. reorganized again in 1921, as “Sigurdson Fisheries”, with 2 uncles, Sigurður R. (S.R.) and Stefan (Stebbi). S.R. and Stebbi were the sons of Sigurður Erlendsson and his 2nd wife, Thórunn Magnúsdóttir. “Sigurdson Fisheries” operated until S.R.’s son, Johnny, retired in 2002.

Some of freighters owned by the Sigurdsons over the years were: “Lady of the Lake”, “Viking”, “Goldfield”, “J.R. Spear”, “Mikado”, and “Amisk”. They also operated a fleet of fishing boats, like the “Baby Spear”, exhibited a the Lake Winnipeg Visitor's Centre.