Thogrímur and Guðrún Pálsson

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Taken from the Icelandic Appeal website, circa 2000.
Pálsson, Thogrímur and Guðrún

Nunna went to Winnipeg to do housework around 1912 and used her first pay to buy a new kitchen cabinet for her parents’ home. Her father was so pleased that he composed this verse:

Gæðum búinn Guðrún mín

Greipt með sinnið hlýja

Hafðu þökk og heiður fín

Helzt fyrir skápinn nýja

Grimsi and Nunna had seven children and fourteen grandchildren. Their children have fond memories of how their parents entertained them during their childhood, before the advent of radio and television. Grimsi palyed his mouth organ or sang for them and Nunna recited poetry from memory, which she could do for hours.

The four oldest children, Helgi (1916), Palmi (1917), Haraldur (1919) and Sigrún (1921), are not married and reside on the old homestead. They raise beef cattle and grow grain on six quarters of land. Grimsi’s sons have all done some commercial fishing on Lake Winnipeg and a lot of wintertime bush work (cutting logs and pulpwood).

Ingibjörg (1923) married Baldur Danielsson, the son of Guðjón and Guðlaug Danielson. They farm on the N ½ of 36-22-2E and Baldur also works as a lumber and hardware manager for the local Co-op. They have five children: Leslie of Winnipeg, married to Diane Sigvaldason; Robert resides on the home farm; Harold of Winnipeg; Patricia of Arborg, married to Curtis Peterson; and Glen, at home.



Steini (1928) is married to Inga Johnson, daughter of Valdimar and Sigrún Johnson from Riverton. They live on the N ½ of S ½ 10-23-3E and raise shorthorn beef cattle and also grow hay and grain on a section of land. Their children are: Morene, married to Robert Triska, on the the SE 34-21-3E (three children, Melanie, Blair and Neil); Cheryl, married to Gerald Loewen in Edmonton (daughters Erin and Christine) Ryan, married to Sigrid Johnson, resides in a new Colonial Log House on his father’s farm (three children-Kendra, Corey and Chad); Brenda Lee is married to Archie Pálsson, and also lives in a new house on her father’s farm.

Soley (1935) is married to Roy Page, son of Jim and Sigga Page of Hnausa and Winnipeg. Roy has a fish retail business, Neptune’s in Winnipeg. They have five children, all in Winnipeg: Russell, married to Carol Eastwood (son Rylan); Barbara, married to Mark Beakley; twins, Karen and Kelly. Karen is married to John Pchajek, Kelly is at home. Evan, a student, is at home.

Thorgrimur passed away on May 29, 1979
and Guðrún on June 4, 1980.