The Narfason Family of "Víðivöllum"

Elli and Runa Narfason

Mundi Narfason

James and Gerdur Harris

Joseph and Emma Wilkinson

Oil Narfason

Dilla Narfason

James R. & Alda Mackenzie

Paul and Olan Isfeld

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Taken from the Icelandic Appeal website, circa 2000.
Narfason, Family of "Víðivöllum"

Dilla Narfason

Sigurlína Ágústa (Dilla) Narfason was born on Feb 7, 1928 to Elli and Runa Narfason of “Víðivöllum.” Dilla took a Comptometer course and worked at this prior to taking the Registered Nursing course at Victoria Hospital in Winnipeg. Later, she took a course in Psychiatric Nursing at the Allen Memorial in Montreal and after teaching for a few years obtained a Bachelor Nursing from Lakehead University in Thunder Bay. Dilla returned to teaching nursing with a focus in psychiatric nursing at Misericordia General Hospital, Selkirk Mental Health Centre and later at Red River Community College. She retired in 1989 in Gimli and was elected councillor for the town in the same year and two further terms before retiring from this position as well. Dilla was Fjallkona of the Icelandic Festival in 1994.

James R. and Alda Mackenzie

Alda Ingibjörg was born Apr. 6, 1932 to Elli and Runa Narfason of “Víðivöllum.” Alda took the Registered Nursing course at Victoria Hospital in Winnipeg and after a short time of working at the Victoria Hospital she moved to Montreal. At the Royal Victoria Hospital she met James R. Mackenzie (b. Sept. 14, 1930) who was taking medicine at McGill University. They were married in 1957 and spent their working years in eastern Canada and the United States. They now live in Sarnia, Ontario.They have four children:

Marion Elizabeth (Nov. 12, 1958) obtained a degree in Education from Trent and Queen’s University and worked at teaching in Northern Alberta prior to taking a Masters in Business Administration from Queens University. She is presently working on a Masters of Divinity at the University of Toronto through the United Church. Liz worked part time for the United Church Council in Toronto. She married Gerald (Jerry) Dewhirst and they have two girls, Terilyn Elizabeth (b. Feb. 25, 1991) and Cathleen Olina (b. June 6, 1993). They live in Toronto.


James Robertson (b. July 10, 1961) took the Registered Nursing Course at Lambton College, Sarnia, a degree in Nursing at Western University, and a Masters from the University of Windsor. He has completed the Nurse Practitioners Course as well. Robin works as a Nurse clinician for the Geriatric Rehabilitation Centre in London, Ontario. He married Lisa Kvas and they have five children. Nathan (b. June 28, 1989) Daniel, Alexander James (b. Mar. 7, 1991), Nicholas John (b. June 22, 1992), Ameila Eleanor (b. Nov. 8, 1994) and Olivia Lisa (b. Sept. 8, 1997). They live in London Ontario.

Edith Gudrun Alda (b. June 30, 1963) obtained a degree in Arts as well as Education from the University of Alberta. Edith works as a Coordinator of Continuing Education at the Alberta Vocational College in Slave Lake. She married Patrick Potvin and they have one child, Denise Sigurlin Maria (b. Oct. 3, 1989). They have two other children, Peter Joseph Fedorus Attilon (b. Nov. 8, 1981), her son, and Robert Clayton Raoul, his son. They live in Slave Lake, Alberta.

Margaret Sigurlin (b. July 2, 1965) took an Arts degree from McMaster University and a Masters in History at Western University, as well as a Masters in Library Sciences at the University of Toronto. She works as a research Librarian for the Toronto Star newspaper. She married Jefferson (Jeff) Davis and they have two children, Ian Robertson (b. Feb. 26, 1996) and Julia Alda Fumika (b. 12 June 1998).