The Narfason Family of "Víðivöllum"

Elli and Runa Narfason

Mundi Narfason

James and Gerdur Harris

Joseph & Emma Wilkinson

Oil Narfason

Dilla Narfason

James R. & Alda Mackenzie

Paul and Olan Isfeld


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Taken from the Icelandic Appeal website, circa 2000.
Narfason, Family of "Víðivöllum"

Joseph and Emma Wilkinson

Emma Magnúsína was born on May 6th, 1922; the daughter of Elli and Runa Narfason of "Víðivöllum."

Emma took a hairdressing course and worked at various jobs until she became a telephone operator in Gimli. She married Joseph Lorne Wilkinson (b. Dec 22, 1922) in 1946. Joseph had been overseas with the RCAF and was a prisoner of war before his return to Canada in 1945. He began working for Air Canada (Trans Canada Airlines then) and this work took them from coast to coast and most provinces before their retirement to Winnipeg. Emma now lives in Gimli.

They had four children:

Teresa Lynn (b. Oct 25, 1947) who took a secretarial course at the Moncton Technical Institute and worked at this for Great West Life and other companies before joining Air Canada where she became a passenger agent. In Winnipeg, she became a Call Center Instructor and worked at this position until her untimely death in 1989. The “Terry Murphy Memorial Award” was established and is awarded to a student achieving the highest mark in the Basic Reservations Course each year. Terry married Lawrence Murphy who now lives in White Rock BC.


Nicola Fern (b. Aug 27, 1949) who also took a secretarial course at the Moncton Technical Institute and worked in this capacity in a number of provinces and now works as support staff for the Canadian Auto Workers. She married Gregoire Gould and they have two sons: Joseph Luke Gregoire (b. Oct 7, 1974) and
Stefan Andre Erlendur (b. Mar 11, 1977). Luke married Lorienna (Lori) Oldfort July 19, 2002.

Joseph Thor (b. Feb 24, 1951) took a mechanics course and works as an Air Canada Cargo agent. He married Monique Julie Sequin.

Heather Darlene (b. Feb 10, 1952) started out working for Bell telephone as a telephone operator and now works in Human Resources for Wal-Mart. She married Robert Wheeler and they have two children:
Erica Lane (b. Jan 3, 1981) and
Ryan Robert (b. May 11, 1984).