Andrea Sigurlaug Ingaldson Madden

Madden Family
(L to R): Andrea, Wayne, and Valdine in 1999

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Taken from the Icelandic Appeal website, circa 2000.
Madden, Andrea Sigurlaug Ingaldson

An incident long remembered by the Palsson family was the visit of Louis Riel, who came to their house with a group of his followers. The Metis leader, with his dark flashing eyes, made a lasting impression. Petur and Gudlaug’s daughter Petrun told this to her grandson.

At Gimli Petur Palsson became a merchant and a postmaster, and also worked hard at various community improvement projects, being on of the most energetic and progressive men in New Iceland. Together with Gudni Thorsteinsson he established a school at Gimli to teach English in the winter of 1885-86; while Gudni gave the instruction, Petur supplied the accommodation for a class of some 20 students in his home. When the Manitoba public school system was introduced in 1888-89, he became a member of the first school board of the Gimli school district in the Vidnes (Willow Point) community.

When his home burned in 1888, he purchased the home of the Hannesson brothers and set up a restaurant there. Besides, he transported people and goods between Selkirk and Gimli on his boat. He was an excellent sailor, having for many years been a deep sea fisherman and then the captain on decked shark-fishing vessels off the north of Iceland.

In 1891 he moved to Argyle and bought a farm there, but later took a homestead in the Holar district in a beautiful valley by the Assiniboine River where he farmed until 1909. He spent his last years in retirement, with his children, and then at the Betel Home in Gimli. He died on December 2, 1924. He is described as having been a staunch and energetic man, intelligent and a good public speaker.

Sesselja Jónsdottir Kristjanson Ólafson (1813-1909) She was married to Andrés Ólafson 1814-1866. They had fourteen children, the youngest was Hólmfriður. Aftr the death of Andrés she came to Canada with the Ingjaldson family via USA in 1901. She had been born in Helgastatðir, Iceland and died in Framnes age 96.



Hólmfriður Andrésdóttir (1857-1946) born in Fragranes, Reykjadalur married Tryggvi Ingjaldson in 1885 in Laxmyri, Iceland. They had ten children. Egill and Rannveig died in infancy in Akra USA the remaining eight grew to adulthood, names listed under Tryggvi Ingaldson. She conducted religious services in her home and helped to organize the first ladies aid in Ardal congregation. After the death of her husband of 54 years she lived with her daughter Andrea Johnson and son-in-law Eddie in Arborg.

Andrea Sigurlaug Ingaldson Madden was born in 1922 in Arborg, MB, daughter of Ingimar and Violet Ingaldson. She attended Success Business College in Winnipeg and graduated from Grace General Hospital in 1946 as a Registered Nurse. Andrea married John Joseph Madden in 1947. She worked as a Registered Nurse in Toronto at Ottawa Civic Hospital and at Victoria Hospital in London Ont. John Madden (1919-1988) was born in Leeds, England and served in RCAF 1939-1945. He was an IODE scholar and earned a BA. MA, and PhD. He was a professor of Economics at University of Guelph, ON.

Andrea and John had five children:

Sean Tryggvi (1949-1960), died as a result of a school accident.

Martin Bjorn works as a library assistant. He has one son: Julian Sean Haayen.

Andrea Thordis is married to Sgt. Mark Horsley and resides in Vancouver where she works as a Registered Nurse. They have two daughters: Emma Thordis and Alida Christiana

Signy Valdine is married to George Hanson and resides in Nanaimo BC where she works as Development Manager. They have one daughter: Solvieg Lilia

Thorburn James is married to Tania Hollister and resides in Cambridge ON where he works as a systems administrator. They have two daughters: Keira Thordis and Bryna Kailee