Kinsmen Club of Gimli


Kinsmen Mike Bobrovich
and Gord Johnson work at retro-fitting the Kinsmen Playground, 1998.

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Taken from the Icelandic Appeal website, circa 2000.
Kinsmen Club of Gimli

About Kinsmen

Kinsmen, Kinette and Kin clubs are the country’s largest all Canadian service groups, made up of active community volunteers. Members work together to serve the community’s greatest need by promoting service, fellowship, family values and national pride. They support Cystic Fibrosis research and fund local projects, like playgrounds and ice rinks, across the country. So, if you’d like to give something back to your community, the club is the perfect answer. Kinsmen & Kinette Clubs of Canada, Canada's largest all-Canadian service organization, made up of Canadian men and women gathered together in clubs for the purposes of bettering their communities by performing 'hands-on service work, raising funds for important community projects and having fun.

Approximately 11,000 members belong to more than 720 Kinsmen, Kinette and Kin clubs from coast to coast. Kinsmen clubs are made up of Kinsmen while Kinette clubs are made up of Kinettes. Kin clubs have a mixed membership of Kinsmen and Kinettes. Our association was founded in Canada and there are no clubs outside of Canada. There are a number of Kin Kids clubs for children in various areas of the country.


Association's Mission Statement:
"Grow. Learn. Make friends. Have fun."

Association's Motto:
"Serving the Community's Greatest Need".

Founding Members 1950-1951

K.L. Johnson, G.S. Martin, Walter Zdebiak, Mike Pawlinski, Lionel Beauchemin, Michey Beauchemin, Mac Dryden, Sam Greenberg, Oli Josephson, Hannes Kristjanson, Ted Kristjanson, Dan Sigmundson, Fred Sigmundson, Eric Stefanson, Art Washburn, Eric Orton, Jack Kaminski, Adolf Wakun and Haldur Peterson.

Members 1999-2000

President Gene Teichroeb, vice President Helgi Skulason, Past President Danny Gudbjartson, Secretary Randall Sulyma, Treasurer Rob Magnusson, Bingo Chair D.J. Sigmundson, Bulletin Editor Brent Johnson, Directors Dan Stice, Jon Axelsson, Andy Dickson and members Eric Stefanson, Garry Fedorchuk, Mike Bobrovich, Gordie Jacobson, Peter Bjornson, Lyle Eyjolfson, Eric Seib, Kris Doull, Gord Johnson, Bruce Benson, Ryan Kramer and Sveinn Arnbjornsson Life Members Dave Oakley, Al Chop, Danny Luparypa, Brian Arnason and Dave Cain.