Kinsmen Club of Gimli Mission Statement:

"Grow. Learn. Make friends. Have fun."


"Serving the Community's Greatest Need".

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Taken from the Icelandic Appeal website, circa 2000.
Kinsmen Club of Gimli

On February 22, 2000, the Kinsmen Club of Gimli celebrated 50 years of community service and fellowship. To commemorate this milestone, the club chose to make a contribution to the Betel Waterfront Project and share our story in the Book of Life.

The Projects

Over the years the Kinsmen Club of Gimli has been many things to many people. Long has our motto been "Serving the Community’s Greatest Need". Members have been attracted to join the club to try and make Gimli and area a better place to live. A number of the large projects that we have successfully completed have focused on the children and youths of our community.

The Kinsmen Playground, located at 109 4th Avenue, was one of the first projects. The Club purchased this land in 1952 and soon after erected swings, teeter totters and other playground staples of the day. The playground has been maintained and upgraded as needed ever since including replacement all the equipment in 1998. The playground development was the first of many projects.

All members past and present are proud of the role we played in constructing The Gimli Children's Centre daycare in 1985, the first artificial ice plant for the Gimli Memorial Arena in 1971, the purchase of the first ambulance in the 1960's, the construction and funding of the hockey boards for the Gimli and District Recreation Centre in 1989.

"Serving the Community’s Greatest Need" does not always entail large capital projects. We have long been a source of funds for organizations in need of financial assistance.

In 1998 the club contributed $10,000 towards the upgrade of cross-country ski trails for the hosting of the Manitoba Winter Games. Many of our other donations have been small. We have granted funds for equipment for baseball, hockey, soccer and even cricket. We have helped fund special sporting events such as High School Provincial Championships and other minor sport and cultural events. We have assisted the poor, the sick and the less fortunate.




The Fundraising

To finance special projects and ongoing grants to organizations, the Kinsmen actively fundraise. The Kinsmen Bingo has been our largest revenue generator for over 30 years. Another fundraiser is the annual KinKeg raffle. Every year Kinsmen can be found at the Icelandic Festival selling raffle tickets for a Seagram's barrel filled with over $600.00 worth of Seagram's products. Socials, Grey Cup Draws, and Canada Day Fish Fry all help to raise funds for needed projects. We continuously look for new methods to raise funds for the community. We currently raise an average of $30,000 per year.

The Fellowship

Without fellowship the Kinsmen would not exist. Fellowship is the binding force that has resulted in over 50 years of service to the Gimli area. The bond formed between Kinsmen while working bingos, selling raffle tickets, or participating in a work party cannot be over stated.

These friendships are further enhanced through the numerous picnics, swim nights, snowmobile outings, the Kinsmen Hockey Team and many other formal and informal outings. It is not unusual to have near 100 Kinsmen, wives and children at a social event.

The Future

The Kinsmen are never idle for long. For much of the nineties we have spearheaded efforts to develop a Hall for large events. While to date we have not achieved our goal of a Hall, we have succeeded in raising the profile of the need for this facility. The Club feels it is just a matter of time before this need is filled. We have discussed developing a toboggan Hill and Snowboard Park within the Gimli Sports Parks and erecting a new Play Structure on the Gimli Beach. These too are projects that are needed and the Kinsmen will be there to help fill this need. For 2000 to 2002 we have taken on a commitment to be lead fundraiser for $1.3 million of the $13 million health centre to be constructed in Gimli in 2002. This may be one our most ambitious projects ever and will help bring the club to a new level of community service.