Isfeld Family
of Winnipeg Beach

Páll and Anna

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Taken from the Icelandic Appeal website, circa 2000.
Isfeld, Páll and Anna

A few years later, however, Páll bought land called Staðarhóll (NW 20-20-4E) near Nes Post Office (Camp Morton area), and the family resettled on this farm almost five miles north of Nýhagi. Staðarhóll was a mile inland from the lake, and Anna was not happy about the move, but there she and Páll lived and raised their family for more than 20 years. The younger children attended school at Nes, and business was done either at the Haas Store at Camp Morton or in Gimli, which was a seven mile walk either way. During these years at Staðarhóll, Páll fished as well as farmed and he continued with the ice house operation at Nýhagi.

In 1921, three of the Ísfeld boys - Eiríkur, Fríðholm, and Árni - went harvesting near Portage la Prairie. Arni took sick there, and not long afterward Fríðholm and Eiríkur also fell ill with what was diagnosed as diptheria. All three were sent to hospital in Winnipeg, and there Árni died late that same day. Fríðhólm died two weeks later. Only Eiríkur survived.

During the late 1920s, Páll and Anna moved to Winnipeg Beach, where they established a home at 76 Park Ave. Pall took work as a watchman and caretaker.

Páll and Anna had fourteen children:

Ólafur (Oli) Kristinn Pálsson Ísfeld (see his story)

Jarþrúður Aðalheiður Pálsdóttir Ísfeld (b. Oct. 18, 1890-d. Mar. 1891)

Þórunn Pálsdóttir Ísfeld (b. Sept. 16, 1892; died in infancy)

Eiríkur (Eric) Pálsson Ísfeld (b. June 27, 1893) married (1) Petrína Olina Reykdal (2) Liza Houle. Liza and Eric had fourteen children: Marshall (died young), Shirley (died young), David, “Bennett” Lloyd, Linberg, Fred, Arthur, Paul, Dorothy, Hazel, Pauline, Eugene, Freda, and Darlene.


Ingibjörg (Inga) Pálsdóttir Matchett (b. April 1901) married Jack Matchett. They had four children: May, Dorothy, Verna, and Kenneth.

Björn (Barney) Pálsson Ísfeld (b.1896) married Guðný Jónsdóttir Thorsteinson. They had four children: Lilya, Dorothy, Jon, and Jonina.

Fríðholm (Fred) Pálsson Ísfeld (b. Mar. 22, 1898-died of diptheria Oct. 5, 1921)

Árni Pálsson Ísfeld (b. 1903-died of diptheria in 1921).

Einar Pálsson Ísfeld (see his story)

Eyjólfur (Eyfi) Pálsson Ísfeld (b. June 5, 1906) married Margaret McKamey. Eyfi and Margaret had seven children: Margaret Ann, Deanna, Laura, Bryon, Jean, Jack “Douglas”, and Charles.

Sigfús (Fusi) Pálsson Ísfeld (b. Dec. 28, 1907) married Lucy Elen Gray. Fusi and Lucy had four children: Pálína (Pauline) Guðrún Pálsdóttir Neil (b. June 17, 1909) married Jack Neil. Pauline and Jack had three children: Jacqueline, James, and George “Conrad”.

Gestur Pálsson Ísfeld (see his story)

Lára (Laura) Aðalheiður Pálsdóttir Mayor (b. Feb. 22, 1914) married Harry Mayor and they had two children: Harriett Lorraine and Orville Thompson.

Anna, following two years of failing health, died of cancer on December 8, 1928 at age 60.

Páll lived out his life at Winnipeg Beach where several of his sons also settled, but during the last four years of his life he spent the winters with his daughter Laura in Dauphin, returning to Lake Winnipeg for the summers. He died in Gimli in his 83rd year on October 4, 1948.