The Goodman Family


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Taken from the Icelandic Appeal website, circa 2000.
The Goodman Family

Kolbeinn GuðjónGuðmundsson (Goodman) was the son of Guðmundur Thórarinsson and his wife, Oddný Kolbeinsdóttir from Haukatúngu, Iceland.

In 1902 at the age of six, he arrived from Iceland with his mother and step-father, Elias Ólafsson and settled in Arnes, Manitoba. A brother, Thor and sister Oddney were born later and his mother died in 1906. When he grew up, he homesteaded a farm north of Gimli called Lundi. There, he raised mink and farmed until his death in 1953.



Kolbeinn married Johanna Kristjana (Rosa) Thordarson of Hecla Island. They raised ten children, three girls and seven boys. The boys all had their hand in fishing at one time or another, but only four became full-time fishermen. Gordon, the eldest of the boys, farmed and fished from age 15 to 77, when he retired. Gordie was the patriarch, always willing to help anyone at any time.

Mundi, (above) who fished for approximately 32 years, drowned in a fishing accident on Lake Winnipeg in 1984. He had one daughter and two sons, Camille & Gregory, who both became fishermen. Eric, who settled north-west of Gimli, fishes full-time. Edward, also a full-time fisherman, had one daughter and two sons. His son, Oli, is a fisherman.

Kolbeinn’s brother, Thor Goodman settled in the Jackhead area of the North Basin of Lake Winnipeg as a mink farmer, fisherman and local store merchant. The place he settled is still known as “Goodman's Landing”.