Jón and Elín Gislason

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Taken from the Icelandic Appeal website, circa 2000.
Gislason, Jón and Elín

During their marriage, John and Elin were deeply involved in the Icelandic community. They often had family and friends visit them from Iceland. A major event in their lives was when they took a trip to Iceland in 1930 for the anniversary of the 1000 years of Parliament. They also toured Germany and the British Isles.

John wanted to be a poet and a writer of stories. His story “Dabbie” a saga of old Iceland was published in Macleans in 1932. He was involved with the Icelandic newspaper Heimskringla and was looking forward to his children speaking English and Icelandic.

He and Elin were politically orientated favoring the Liberal party both Federally and Provincially; John helped MacKenzie King become Prime Minister.

Elin and John were very happy in their home at 815 Ingersol St., but due to John’s failing health, they had to move to the Thelma Mansion Apts. Where John died Jan. 18, 1934, ending a very happy marriage.

Prior to his death, he and Elin opened the Delphi Tea Room on Portage Ave. Elin served sandwiches and dainties with tea. She being a good listener and having the knack to make card and tea cup reading interesting and fun gave her independence and also made her many lasting friends.


When Petrina married Ronald Morden and left home, Elin shared her apartment with her mother and brother Eddie on Furby St. (#6 Patricia Crt.). After Grandmother Petrína and Eddie passed away, Elin went to live with her daughter Petrina and family. She was a great help with their children. She was also a very special nana to her grandson John, who was a Downs Syndrome child and needed lots of love and attention which she gave so freely. She enjoyed baking cookies, watching TV, and political discussions.

Elin was a kind person, wonderful mother, and an at-home Grandma for Candy and Jim which made them love her that much more. Elin died May 31, 1984.

Petrina and Ronald, and sister Candice, thank our son and brother James Morden for honoring his grandparents with this very generous contribution to the Vice Consul Room.