Robert Harold & Lorna Frederickson

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Taken from the Icelandic Appeal website, circa 2000.
Friðriksson, Family

Friðjón and Guðný had four children.

Aurora was born at Gimli on Sept. 4, 1877. She married Thomas Hermann Johnson (1870–1927), a gifted Icelandic immigrant who became Minister of Public Works in the Liberal Government of T.C. Norris and eventually Attorney-General of Manitoba. They had 3 children, Ethel, Cecil and Elswood. Aurora died in Madison, N.Y. on June 22, 1954 and was buried in Winnipeg.

Hermann Friðjónsson was born at Gimli on July 10, 1879 but died four years later at Möðruvellir.

Kari was born at Glenboro on Oct. 15, 1888. He held a high executive position at the Bank of Canada in Toronto for many years before retiring to Vancouver where he passed away in 1972. He was married to Herdis Margret Einarsson and had 3 children, John F. (1916-1949), Theodore (1918-1990) and Margaret Cecilia (b. 1924). Margaret is retired from her position at UBC and lives in Victoria with her husband, John Crawford.

Haraldur or Harold, the youngest child and my grandfather, was born at Glenboro in 1892. Harold married Emily Halldórsson (b. 1895 in Winnipeg, daughter of Halldór Halldórsson and Jórunn Kristolina Jónsdóttir and sister of Slim Halldórsson of the Falcons 1920 Olympic championship hockey fame) in Winnipeg on April 7, 1914.

Harold and Emily had 2 children, Dorothy Grace (1914 – 1985) and my father, Robert Harold Frederickson, who was born in Winnipeg on October 18, 1916.

Emily died in the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918-1919 when Robert Harold was barely 2 years old and he was brought up by the Haldersons. Dorothy was brought up by Guðný, Friðjón’s widow.

Robert Harold was a pilot and trained fighter pilots during World War II. He later became a photographer with the Department of Travel and Publicity of the Government of Manitoba. He married Lorna Evelyn Grace Johnson (b. March 21, 1918, daughter of Erik and Ingeborg Johnson) in Winnipeg on Oct. 23, 1940.


The Family of Friðjón Friðriksson & Guðný Sigurðardóttir

Robert Harold died in a plane crash at Berens River on July 21, 1952, while taking aerial photographs for the government. Lorna worked for many years for the Winnipeg School Board but is now retired and living in Winnipeg.

Robert Harold and Lorna had four children. I, Robert Curtis Arthur, was born in Winnipeg on June 29, 1941, Janice Elaine was born in Winnipeg on June 23, 1943 and Shirley Ellen and Nancy Evelyn, fraternal twins, were born in Winnipeg on Sept. 4, 1948.

Janice married Wayne Dunn in 1962 and they had three boys: Warren Dunn (b. 1962), Trevor Dunn (b. 1963) and Calvin Dunn (b. 1966) all of whom now reside in the Vancouver area and run their own business there. Janice still resides in Winnipeg where she works as a registered operating room nurse.

Shirley was married briefly but had no children. She still resides in Winnipeg where she works at the University of Manitoba Medical Centre.

Nancy married Larry Jefferson and they adopted a daughter, Leah (b. Aug. 15, 1985). Nancy now resides in Victoria, B.C. where she works for the Ministry of Tourism.