George Marino Frederickson

The fourth, fifth,
and Sixth Generations
of the Frederickson
family in Canada:

George (back),
Phillip, Cory, David
(front left to right)



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Taken from the Icelandic Appeal website, circa 2000.
Frederickson, Family History

by George Marino Frederickson MAA, MRAIC (Architect)

6 Generations of Icelanders in Canada - The following is a brief account covering more than 120 years of my Icelandic family in Canada.

First Generation - My great grandfather, Friðrik (Frederik) Jónsson, was born March 1826 in Iceland and died March 31,1893 in Manitoba. He immigrated to Canada in the summer of 1879 around the same time as his sons Friðjón, Árni, Friðbjörn, Olgeir and daughter Guðný. His first wife, Þórhildur Friðriksdóttir, had died in 1868 and one other daughter, Friðný, chose to stay in Iceland. Friðrik was accompanied to Canada by his second wife, Sigriður Guðmundsdóttir.

Second Generation - My grandfather, Olgeir Frederickson, was born January 26,1863 at Hóll on the Melrakkasletta Peninsula in Iceland, and died June 25,1938 in Winnipeg He arrived in Canada at the age of 16 and spent a short time in the Gimli Settlement. In 1881 he took homestead property, 4 miles south of what eventually became the Village of Glenboro. Olgeir married Vilborg (Borga) Jónsdóttir on December 12,1886 and they had 11 children—5 boys and 6 girls. Olgeir and Borga farmed until 1919 when they sold the farm to their son-in-law and retired to Glenboro and eventually to Winnipeg.

Third Generation - My father Marino Haldor Frederickson, was born at the family homestead in Glenboro on April 6,1906. He married Margaret Olson (stepdaughter of Svein Thorvaldson of Riverton) on October 17, 1936 and had three children - George Marino, Kenneth Brock, Carol Ann. Marino was an avid curler and spent every spare minute at one Curling Rink or another. In 1934 he was a member of the Manitoba Championship Rink which proceeded to the Canadian Brier in Toronto and won the Canadian Championship. He died in April, 1992.


Fourth Generation - I, George Marino Frederickson, was born May 16, 1939 in Winnipeg. I have had a long and successful career as an Architect in private practice. I married Carol Lynn Kloss June 24, 1961, raised 2 sons, David and Phillip. I currently live in Winnipeg, and spend the summers at Ponemah Beach on Lake Winnipeg.

Fifth Generation - My children.

David George Frederickson BA (adv.) was born on October 1, 1966, and married Julie May Dunford LL.B. on April 13,1996. David is a Financial Advisor, living in Winnipeg. Presently he has one son, Cory David.

Phillip Glen Frederickson BA. M.Arch. was born December 30,1969. He currently lives in Toronto and is employed with an Architectural Design firm.

Sixth Generation - My first grandchild Cory David Frederickson., was born on June 11,2000

Frederickson Family
T he Frederickson Family, 2002: Carol and George (back), Phillip (centre), Julie, Cory, David (front, left to right)