Sigurður & María
(Jóhannsdóttir) Einarsson

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Taken from the Icelandic Appeal website, circa 2000.
Einarsson, Sigurður & María (Jóhannesdóttir)

Guðbjörg Florence (Bogga) was born January 25, 1910. She was a very kind and good-hearted person, never causing any trouble and always ready to accept whatever came along. She was an especially good helper for Mother—she had such a way with the younger children. She married Sólvin Holm late in August 1931. They farmed and Sólvin also tended fishing. Bogga was always a good helpmate for Sólvin and worked along with him whatever the chores were, whether milking cows or taking her turn on the tractor. They had six children: Donald, Joan, Hugh, Heida, and twins Lester and Lynn.

I, Constance Sigríður (Sigga), was the tenth child born. What I remember of my growing up years was everything was orderly and we did what we could to help with the chores. I remember Harry my brother telling us if we didn’t squabble so much and get to work it would not seem like such of a chore. One thing I will say about this big family, I never remembered being hungry, there always seemed to be enough food for everyone. I wanted to continue school after Minerva so I went to Gimli for Grade 9. I had to find a place that wanted a Mother’s helper for my room and board. I first stayed with the Norman Stevens family. They had two children then. The following year I took a job at Runa Thompson’s; at that time she had a toddler, Thorey and a baby boy. I stayed there until after Christmas at which time I went to stay with my brother Doddi. In those days they were accepting girls with Grade 10 education into Nurses Training. A girl friend, Jona Olson, and I had decided that was what we were going to do. But as it turned out neither one of us went ahead with that. I met my future husband Arnthór Benediktson and we were married the next fall on September 2, 1931.

Ingvar (Ingi), was born May 27, 1914. He and Kris his younger brother were great pals, always did everything together. He grew up on the farm, helping Dad with the work. In 1936 he married Runa Benediktson and they had many good years together. He was a very kind and gentle man. They had three children, David, Lynette, and Billy. He and brother Kalli worked together in the construction business. He and Runa built a small house in the yard where Runa’s parents had lived in Gimli. They were a great help to her parents and took care of them until they died.


Kristján (Kris) was born June 12, 1915. After finishing Public School at Minerva, he went to High School in Gimli, and completed Grade 12 there. That was when World War II had just started. He enlisted and was sent to Alberta for Pilot training. He graduated with flying honours and was sent overseas. There he flew a Sunderland bomber, searching the oceans for treacherous U boats that sank so many ships. He survived the war with only one mishap when his bomber crashed in Africa. From there he was posted to England to train pilots, but the war was over soon after that, and he came home. He married Carrie Helmouth and Joined his brother-in law Ingvar Ingimundson in the electrical business. Carrie had one son George and they had two children, Gail and Neil. They bought a house in Winnipeg. Kris died in 1981.

Olivia Svanheit (Olla), the next child, was born April 16, 1917. She was a sunny docile child, always ready to do what was needed. She and Heida were very close. She married Stefan Stefanson and was a great help and inspiration for him. They had five children, Lorna, Ernest, Maria, Valdimar, and Eric. Olla died January 20, 2000.

Aðalheiður María (Heida), the next child was born April 16, 1919. From a very early age she was a very strong willed child and always knew what she wanted. She grew up in this large family always ready to do her share. She was a big solace to mother after dad died. During the war, when young men from many places were being trained at the Gimli Airbase, she met her future husband, Sidney Bonser. She led a fairy tale life after that. They had five children, Marilyn, Pamela, Valerie, Reginald, and Grant. Heida died on October 20, 1997.

Karl Walter (Kalli) was born on May 23, 1920. He was everyone’s pet, being the youngest in the family. He married young to Edwina Arason. They had ten children: Walter, Leslie, Kristine (died in infancy), twins Donald and Diane, Christine, Cathy, Robert, Barry, and Wanda. Kalli died on July 25, 1976.