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Taken from the Icelandic Appeal website, circa 2000.
Davidson, family

‘Bonnie’ Patricia Ruth was born May 5, 1941, in Winnipeg the daughter of Víglundur Franklin Davidsson (W. F. (Bill) Davidson) and Thorbjörg (Bobbi) Davidson (nee Solmundson).

‘Bonnie’ Patricia Ruth received her BSc. Microbiology degree from the University of Manitoba and married Dennis John Ayden (Masters degree in Business Administration), on August 29, 1964 in Winnipeg.

They had two daughters, Erin Lee (b. April 17, 1970 Yonkers, N.Y.) and Victoria Brooke (b. May 25, 1974, New York, N.Y.) and are presently living in St. Louis, Missouri.

Erin received her BA from University of Toronto and is an officer in the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce in Vancouver B.C.

Brooke received her bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from North Western University in Chicago and is presently taking Medicine in Chicago Illinois.

Ayden Family
Ayden family in Mexico (L to R) Brooke, Bonnie, Dennis, Erin

Geller Family


Constance Arlene was born February 23, 1943, in Winnipeg the daughter of Víglundur Franklin Davidsson - W. F. (Bill) Davidson and Thorbjörg (Bobbi) Davidson (nee Solmundson).

Constance Arlene received her Certificate of Teaching English as a Second Language from the University of Saskatchewan and married David ‘Michael’ Shayne Geller (BSc. Mathematics) on May 15, 1962 in Winnipeg.

They have four children, daughter, Kari Lynne (b. July 2, 1963, Winnipeg), daughter, Elisabeth Joyce (b. November 7, 1964, Winnipeg), son, Brian Edward (b. August 12, 1967, Saskatoon, Sk.) and daughter, Patricia Denise Sheila (b. September 21, 1969, Regina, Sk.) and are presently living in Estevan, Sk.

Kari married Niklaos Spyromilios (March 5, 1988, Regina, Sk.) and had a son, Konstantino ‘Tino’ (b. Oct 24, 1988, Regina, Sk.) and a daughter, Alexandra (b. March 29, 1990, Regina, Sk.). Nik and Kari are divorced. Nik has returned to Greece. Kari and her children are presently living in Estevan, Saskatchewan.

Elisabeth received her Masters degree in Political Science from the University of Regina, and married Michael Shepherd (July 20, 1985, Regina, Sk.). They had a son, David Michael (b. July 10, 1986, Regina, Sk.). Michael and Elisabeth are divorced. Elisabeth now lives in Vancouver B.C with her son David and her partner, Tracey Osborne. They have two sons Joseph James (b. August 20, 1996) and William Larry (b. June 2, 1999).

Brian Edward received his BSc. Genetics from the University of Regina, his BSc.MD from the University of Saskatchewan and married Carlene May Cummings (July 19, 1997, Estevan, Sk.). They had a son Michael William (b. April 1, 1998 Meadow Lake, Sk.). Brian and Carlene are separated. Brian has his medical practice in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan.

Patricia received her Certificate of Business Administration from The Hertzing School of Business in Winnipeg and married Carl J. Kremer (January 19, 1992, Winnipeg). They had a daughter Linnea Stefania Mae (b. August 7, 1992, Winnipeg) and daughter Rebecca Joyce (b. April 8, 1995, Winnipeg). Patricia and Carl are divorced. Patricia is presently living in Winnipeg with her partner John W. Faught and her two daughters.

Geller family (Standing L to R) Patricia, Michael, Brian (Seated L to R) Kari, Connie, Elisabeth